Our Services

The services we will provide include a set of customizes dispute letters, written specifically on your behalf, to each of the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. These letters will be written to dispute only the unverifiable negative information on your credit report which you have identified to us. In addition to your customized dispute letters, we will provide you the information and strategies on how you can build and maintain a healthy credit profile. We will provide sound advice on what you can do to potentially raise your credit scores through your own actions. There are many factors which impact your credit score. When you dispute the inaccuracies contained in your report, it is impossible to determine the exact results on how your actions may change the credit scores. Therefore, we can not claim, through using our services, that your credit score/worthiness will improve. Our services are only to provide you with a set of customized dispute letters and to provide you with advice and information on how to build and maintain a healthy credit profile. We do not represent that our services are to improve your credit worthiness but instead our services are to provide you with the customized tools and information for you to work towards improving your credit profile.

Our Pricing

We do not charge any fees in advance of our services be being fully performed. We perform our work and services and after those services are fully completed, then you are billed. 

Current pricing structure:​

Individual Pricing

Joint Pricing

First Work Service Fee

Monthly Fee 



$299.00 (savings of $100.00)

$154.99 (savings of $ 60.00)

No minimum obligations

Cancel services at any time with NO cancellation fees

We only work for you as long as you want us to!

Please call us for more details @ 630 560 9317