Kelly Walker

Credit Improvement Consultant 

Over 19 years experience in the areas of credit and financial industry

At the beginning of my career, I was a mortgage broker and learned that people were more than a number. From this work, I discovered I had a passion for helping people dispute credit inaccuracies, and discover the patterns in their credit usage that are stopping them from reaching their financial life goals. In 2001, I expanded my work into helping clients achieve their financial goals of saving money on their home, as well as a comprehensive overhaul of their credit situation. I did this by refinancing their existing mortgage, or obtaining a new mortgage, and instituting other credit repair initiatives. Unfortunately, I found many people would get overwhelmed trying to do it themselves. So, in 2011 I began to work full-time as a Credit Expert and Repair Consultant. Since then, I have been working for my own company, KW Credit Solutions.

My mission is to empower people to take back control of their credit and maintain a nice, healthy profile. Please call or email me about how I can help you feel confident about creating and maintaining a healthy credit profile (630-560-9317 or [email protected]).